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Create your Fuga Moment

Fuga Moments selects, imports, distributes, markets and sells high quality yet affordable products that enable one to enjoy and cherish every moment.

Enjoy Our Fuga Flavours

Chardonnay Sauvignon - Syrah - Merlot Cabernet


The noun fuga originates from the latin verb fugare and means flight, escape or break.
It captures our philosophy regarding the creation of moments to increase our quality of life in our busy and stressful lifes.
The term ultimately lends itself to our superior brand. Fuga products enable you to create and experience these relaxing moments.
Our products result from generations of dedication, traditional craftsmanship, are carefully tasted, customized and selected by Fuga Moments.




Fuga Moments is continuously seeking independent representatives that respect, spread and uphold the fuga philosophy.   More info


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