Merlot Cabernet

The nose gives away dominant aromas of violets and apricots. In the background of these pleasant scents, a tinge of wood can be noticed.
A well-balanced, mouth-filling wine overwhelms your taste. A delicate balance between the fruity sweetness and mature tones is the trademark of our fuga vino red. The composition is carefully selected to achieve this versatility and makes this red wine everyone's tasty friend. 

Food Pairing
Vino fuga white is ideally served chilled at about 15 - 17 C. The round taste sharpens the appetite but can perfectly be enjoyed on its own. The wine fits perfect with grilled meat, cold cuts and charcuterie.

Since versatility is one of the key characteristics of our fuga products, it can be opened for any occasion where a lot of people are present and like to enjoy a festive yet affordable drink. Enjoying one another's company is key. Examples include family celebrations, garden parties with neighbours, barbecue with friends, receptions and other gatherings.

The flavour of your favorite fuga vino is adjusted every year to fulfill our standards.
The vino white consists of a typical coupage of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah wines. The grapes are yearly harvested at the optimal point in time taking into account the strain, the location of the vineyard and the climate/weather. All fuga vino wines originate from the Languedoc region in the south of France. Once the wines have matured at low temperature, the blends are made to eventually achieve the typical round, tasteful yet versatile fuga vino. Although the blends can differ each year, only minor deviations from the typical 45/45/10 coupage are witnessed.


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